Sunday, May 29, 2011

Barbara Mackle, Buried Alive Case

December 1968: Barbara Mackle is kidnapped from a motel room in Atlanta. She is later put in a box for 83 hours and five days. Mackle was later rescued after her father paid the ransom. 

Gene Miller: a well known journalist in Miami, Florida helped her write a book about the crime. 

Kidnappers Gary Steven Krist and Ruth Eisman Schier were arrested and convicted for kidnapping.

Articles about Barbara Jane Mackle's kidnapping appeared in the Reader's Digest and the Ladies Home Journal.

There was a lot of controversy when the movie premiered as a movie of the week. The book writer claimed that then movie was entirely based on the book 83 Hours Til Dawn. The movie producers wanted to negotiate with the book writer, but they were never able to agree. So the producers made the movie anyway. The courts awarded the writer a few hundred thousand dollars, but that award was later reversed.

Extra Tid Bits

Barbara Mackle's father was a land developer in Florida

Barbara Mackle marries in 1971.

By 1979, Barbara was living in a suburb of Atlanta raising an infant daughter. She was refusing all interviews. Her father Robert F Mackle said in an interview that she is 'absolutely normal' and has never had any counseling or seen psychiatrist.

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