Monday, December 22, 2014

83 Hours Till Dawn True Story aka The Longest Night True Story

Plot: When a teenager is kidnapped, her rich father has to put up a very large ransom. Starring Robert Urich

True Story: 83 Hours Til Dawn is a 1990 movie that is based on the true story of Barbara Mackle. The real story happened in 1968 when Mackle was kidnapped in Florida. The movie premiered on CBS on November 4, 1990 as a Sunday night movie of the week.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gary Krist Now

 Where is Gary Steven Krist now?

Gary Steven Krist was released from prison in 1978.  His girlfriend, Joan Jones was the one who picked him up. Gary later returned to Alaska to live with his father and help him with his shrimp business. A time later he wanted to become a doctor, and he was given a pardon so that he could practice medicine  in Indiana. He was let go when someone leaked his identity to the press. 

Since he could no longer be a doctor, he returned to a life of crime. In 2006, he was arrested for helping undocumented workers enter the country illegally. He had actually charted a boat to pick up illegal aliens in South America. He was arrested in Alabama. Krist was released from prison in 2010. He got in trouble again in 2012 for violating his Alabama parole. In that case, he left the U.S to go to Cuba without permission. He is presently serving out a 14 month sentence.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ruth Eisemann Schier Now

Ruth Eisemann-Schier served three years in prison for kidnapping. She was then was deported to her native Honduras.

Update: as of 2012 Ruth Eisemann Schier still lives in Tegucigalpa-Honduras. She has a facebook page too. She works in homeopathic health and natural therapy. Ruth is also furthering her education, She has five children and one grand daughter. She wrote about all of the counties that she has visited. The United States was not one of the countries listed.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barbara Mackle Book

Here is a book on the Barbara Jane Mackle Kidnapping. You can buy it from here.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Abductors

Here is a photo of Barbara Mackle's abductors. Ruth Eisman Schier and Gary Steven Krist. Mackle's father Robert Mackle begged for his daughter's release. The ransom paid was $500,000.

Barbara Mackle (Florida Kidnapping)

Here is a rare photo of Barbara Mackle with her brother. The photo was taken around 1959. Everyone liked Barbara Mackle. She was a reserved young woman that was very popular in school. She was also an excellent student.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Barbara Mackle, Buried Alive Case

December 1968: Barbara Mackle is kidnapped from a motel room in Atlanta. She is later put in a box for 83 hours and five days. Mackle was later rescued after her father paid the ransom. 

Gene Miller: a well known journalist in Miami, Florida helped her write a book about the crime. 

Kidnappers Gary Steven Krist and Ruth Eisman Schier were arrested and convicted for kidnapping.

Articles about Barbara Jane Mackle's kidnapping appeared in the Reader's Digest and the Ladies Home Journal.

There was a lot of controversy when the movie premiered as a movie of the week. The book writer claimed that then movie was entirely based on the book 83 Hours Til Dawn. The movie producers wanted to negotiate with the book writer, but they were never able to agree. So the producers made the movie anyway. The courts awarded the writer a few hundred thousand dollars, but that award was later reversed.

Extra Tid Bits

Barbara Mackle's father was a land developer in Florida

Barbara Mackle marries in 1971.

By 1979, Barbara was living in a suburb of Atlanta raising an infant daughter. She was refusing all interviews. Her father Robert F Mackle said in an interview that she is 'absolutely normal' and has never had any counseling or seen psychiatrist.